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AnBinh Travel – “You can trust us!”

Why AnBinh Travel?

AnBinh Travel is a Vietnamese tour operator providing quality travel services in South East Asia, to customers from every part of the world. We have over 20 -years experience in the regional travel industry, specializing in providing special interest and cultural tours of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, China and Thailand. We are distinguished in the market by our high quality, tailor-made travel services and by a strong focus on secure, traditional values of heritages. Travelling with An Binh Travel, you will have a chance to interact with famous local historians, archeologists, artists, monks, famous chefs and other interesting lecturers to learn a lot more about local history and culture.

  • Responsible Travel!

“AnBinh” in Vietnamese means “Safe”. Responsibility is the key with AnBinh Travel! We don’t just pay lip service to the idea of responsible travel – it’s something in which we believe and we do! It extends to everything we do from dealing with our clients to paying our suppliers.

Many styles of travel!

AnBinh Travel offers a wider selection of tours and more varied styles of travel than any other tour operator in Vietnam. Whether you’re joining one of our classic tours, dedicated walking tours, more comfortable relax tours or our family tours, you are guaranteed to experience Vietnam.

Designed for active people of all ages, AnBinh Travel guarantees to take you go beyond the guidebooks and get you off the busy tourist trails, as you explore the best of North, South and Central Vietnam.

Be flexible…

Our routes are not completely rigid – so if there is a chance to take a back road, or spend longer at the beach, or take in an unexpected attraction or festival, then we do it! Whether your team consists of one person, two persons or more, we can offer private departures for you.

We’ll tell you the truth.

We’ll always try to offer advice about the things you really need to know and we’ll also tell you if we think you’re making an unwise choice as to which trip is most suitable to your needs.

Why book with us?
1. We will be easier to contact either by phone or email. We monitor our emails (and check the phones) around the clock and will normally get back to you within 24 hours – in fact usually, very much sooner…If for some reason we can’t answer your queries immediately, we will still contact you to let you know how long you are likely to have to wait and we will keep you updated as the situation progresses.
2. Your money will be safe. See Terms&Conditions


We are committed to provide quality service at competitive rates; to make a difference for a better world. So contact us today and start planning your own trip!

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